A Joyful Practice

It is the season of goodwill and joy!

Are you feeling the joy in your yoga practice?

It has been a tricky year so all the more reason to seek out pleasure in your practice too.

An important aspect of yoga for me is the availability of feeling joy during the practice.

I used to go to the gym several times a week and that was fine, I definitely felt better for doing it after but did it feel joyful at the time? Not particularly, no!

What yoga has taught me is that there is joy to be found in even the most strenuous poses. There is a balance of softness and challenge which is reflective of our daily life.

Through yoga, I have been taught how to seek out the softness and joy in poses with my breath and to breathe in a way that invites joy and pleasure in.

How to incorporate pleasure and joy into your practice?

  • add neck releases to active poses
  • direct breath to areas where you feel opening and visualise a softening
  • take your time in held deep release poses such as Half Pigeon
  • practice to music that lifts your spirits

This is not just yoga mumbo, this is a THING!

Consciously seeking out softness/pleasure/joy during challenge helps build our own resilience and stamina for everything we do, on and off the mat.

This has been so helpful for me over the years and especially being a mum, when situations just do not work out as you plan. You have no choice but to adapt to challenge, live with challenge and turn that challenge into something positive.

Seek out the pleasure in everything you do.

With love,


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