A Playful Practice / Are you having fun yet?

Are you having enough fun in Winter Lockdown 3? Any fun?!

My class theme this week is the element of Air and Playfulness. I wanted to share the story behind this as it was a revelation for me personally.

I booked a workshop about Perimenopause and didn’t really read the blurb until I logged in to the meeting!

The theme was Power & Pleasure in Perimenopause and part of the practice was moving to the elements – Air, Earth, Fire and Water in a way that first felt powerful and then pleasurable.

And, yes, that included leaping in the air like a bird, stomping around with heated power and undulating like a wave. Generally, looking like a complete tit.

I did feel pretty uncomfortable with aspects of this and that was a revelation. When something feels awkward or embarrassing or just plain ‘arghh’, it is often really interesting to work with that a bit more.

* What are the sensations you feel in your body?
* What emotions arise if any?
* Do you feel comfortable, free, awkward, embarrassed, angry, sad, joyful??

I discovered I am fine with moving powerfully and being driven and motivated and active but play and pleasure is really, really hard for me.

Being silly takes a lot of effort and I need to do it more but the more I flapped my little arm wings I have to admit I did feel a spark!

We are all different, not everyone will feel the same as me but I think we could all do with a bit more silly right now.

Are you getting enough play and silliness? If so, what do you do to find it?

Fancy a playful yoga class? You can rent my on-demand Air themed playful class here! Scroll down to the Motherhood Collective section.

Have a fantastic day filled with love, light and air leaps,

Sara xx

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