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I have been struggling to concentrate recently, a mash-up of overlapping projects, deadlines and personal life, together nicely summed up as ‘increased cognitive load’, leaving me feeling overwhelmed.

.Our cognitive function reduces with age (boo!) and is also influenced by our increasingly 24/7 workload, however, the good news is that we can continue to train our brain to adapt and learn new approaches (yay!).

This week I have turned to daily mindfulness practices to help me complete a project.

I found it helpful to list the thoughts that were distracting me so that I could be aware when they popped into my head, ready to deflect them back to the murky mires of my brain. 

Top distractions are:

* social media pings
* email notifications
* to-do list at work and house
* children interrupting
* replaying past scenarios

So…I finally tidied my work desk, turned off my email notifications and got up early to avoid family distractions.

It does seem to be working, I am making progress but it is hard!! I hit myself in the face with a book at one point in frustration (don’t do this!). I didn’t realise just how distracted my head is pretty much all the time.

I hope this is helpful for you too, would love to hear how you cope with your distractions!!



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