The benefits of an aligned spine

How do you hold your body and what does this tell you?

This week we are delving into our personal body patterns and exploring the alignment of our spine.

On a physical level, our spine supports our core and any misalignment may be felt as imbalance, weakness, pain or tension.

Emotionally, the way we move and hold ourselves often reflects our ‘story’ and past trauma.

Optimising the alignment of our spine can help create a new pattern and help us stabilise our body, rebuilding our strength so we can process and heal.

This week the class will continue the focus on the shoulders and hips and will include:

* Optimal alignment cues
* Optimal breathwork for release
* Shoulder & hip opening poses
* Invitation to consider your own body’s pattern
* Long relaxation

Wednesdays @7.30pm at Dunraven Secondary School
Sunday @9am at West Norwood Picturehouse

See you on the mat!

With 💓
Sara xx

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