Time Affluence / How to do less

My teachers have often told me that I have enough time to do everything I need to do. 

As a self-employed and self-confessed workaholic mum, I often sit with this and consider whether I am truly allocating my time in a way that is best for me and my family.

Are you time affluent?

Research shows that being time affluent makes us happier in the long run than material wealth, beyond meeting our basic needs.

Having more unstructured times allows us to rest, reflect, nurture relationships and have fun.

I would like to invite you to stop for a moment and ask yourself:

Is there one thing I can do today to increase my time affluence and create a little more space for myself? 

What part of my day would I gladly offload given the opportunity? 

A fine balance

The morning rush is my least favourite time of the day. 

It has reduced me to tears of frustration at times so, this morning, I decided to off load making the weekday packed lunches. I am signing them up for hot meals at school, now they are finally being offered again. 

This reduces my workload in the morning though it will cost a few pounds extra every day. It means I can have sit, eat and read my paper while the children are having breakfast rather than dashing around.

It won’t be a solution for everyone but it illustrates the point that offloading or outsourcing even just one thing can give us some precious time back.

Other ideas to help you do less include:

  • A family housework and cooking rota
  • A cooking free day
  • Hiring a cleaner⠀
  • A scenic walk home after the school run via a nice coffee shop
  • Consciously scheduling rest breaks during your day
  • Screen free time during relaxation time
  • Working more slowly and with a smaller to do list

This last one is quite effective as I find that often, the more quickly you work, the more busy-ness you actually generate, especially if you power-send emails like I do as everyone tends to reply at once!

A spacious yoga practice

I am very aware that I choose themes that are personally relevant and, this week, I know I need to set more time aside for my personal practice. 

That special and necessary time has been nudged out by children’s activities and needs to be reclaimed.

To create more space in my practice this week, I will be using my exhale to move deeper into poses. 

I will focus on lengthening my body and make micro adjustments with each breath.

I will notice how my breath responds to this extra space and if emotions pop up along the way. 

I will reclaim a little precious time back for myself.

I hope you can too.

With love,



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