Transitioning into October

As the days get colder and darker, it is natural to feel a drawing inwards and a transition towards hunkering down for Winter.

This can be at odds with what we want or feel is possible.

How do we manage this transition?

* treat ourselves with compassion
* check in with ourselves regularly
* fuel our body with nourishing food
* intentionally seek out the light
* ground ourselves with a regular yoga practice

Even if you love the Winter months it is good to be mindful of change for both us and the people around us.

During the month of October, the class theme is TRANSITION.

We will explore hands-on work, creative sequencing and intents to help women and mothers thrive during the change of season from Summer to Autumn / Winter.

Wednesday 7.30pm @ Dunraven
Sunday 9am @ West Norwood Picturehouse

With 💕

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