What are your core values?

Happy Friday everyone.

This week I am sharing another short article I have written for Resonance, a community of digital nomads and entrepreneurs, based in Costa Rica. I have been feeling vibrations of change and opportunity in the air, have you? This can feel confusing at an already difficult time.

How do we know what to change? What is the right path to take? Are we ready for an internal revolution?

Voices around the world are rising together, calling for change. 

We are in a time of global revolution. A long overdue call for an end to institutionalised racism and injustice.

This is the revolution of our time, are we ready to make long-term changes?

An internal shift

There is another side of lasting revolution. An internal shift and a reckoning of how we want to live our lives.

Long term change must start from within and this can be frightening and confusing. 

How do we know what to do?

Defining our values

Our core values are the blueprint from which our life flows. We are born with them. They stand for what we want to be remembered for. They do not change and remain constant throughout our lives.

If we live in accordance with our core values we should feel more fulfilled and thankful but, often, we are sidetracked by achieving ‘goals’ which are very different. 

Goals are targets that we set ourselves. They are not steadfast absolutes. They can change, they may never be reached and, often, they may be things that we don’t really want or need. Our goals may actually oppose our values without us even realising it.

Here is an exercise to help you identify your own core values. 

What words have your chosen? Take a moment to consider how these values sit with your life choices right now.

Building a better future

Can you imagine a world where we lived in accordance with our core values, being our very best version of ourselves?

A world of fulfilment and gratitude. What would that society look like?

Are you ready to seek out an alternative?

I would like to live in peace and abundance, supported by a community and in harmony with the natural world. I would like to be inspired by my surroundings and have time to pursue passions and be with loved ones. I would like to work flexibly in a beautiful environment.

I choose abundance, fulfilment, inspiration, adventure and health. Those are my values. 

What does revolution look like to you?

Revolution is fear; being afraid of what life will be if we continue on as we are.

Revolution is love; loving ourselves and our planet enough to create a better way of living.

Revolution is courage; having courage to make different choices.

Revolution is the future; it is time for change.

With love,

Sara xx

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