Why shoulder pain?

Classes restart this week and kicking off with the theme of ‘Moving with Intent’ and that intent is wellness and connection.

Our physical focus is the shoulders.

I have seen so many massage clients recently with shoulder pain and it’s not surprising!

When we feel under pressure and overwhelmed we tend to protect our vulnerable heart area and roll our shoulders into a hard shell.

Think armadillo…

We spend our days hunched over screens with shallow, restricted breathing, which further limits expansive movement in our chest and shoulders.

And most of us don’t notice until we actually feel pain in our bodies.

To help our self-awareness of our shoulders and release tension, classes this week will feature:

* DIY massage in shoulders

* expansive breath

* slow, micro-movements

* a LOT of shoulder release poses

* an invitation to let go of emotional tension

See you on the mat!


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